Website design is one of those things that we'd all love to be able to do but somehow it just evades us!  Getting the right 'look' and design is not easy and sometimes we know what we want but achieving it is a different matter.  There are plenty of companies offering templates to build your own for a small fee per year and they are perfectly adequate but if you would like a more personal touch and would like to leave the design and maintenance to someone else then let me help you.


A well designed website will include some of the following:


up to six pages

photographic galleries with photographs correctly resized

your choice of text

contact page

'about me' page

information and prices




Website design £395

Website maintenance £25 per hour

Domain name £20 - £40 per year depending on type of name required i.e .com .org

Website hosting £5 per month


There are no hidden charges, after initial setup you just pay for the maintenance work that has been completed on an hourly basis.  This allows you to plan your budget without the worry of unplanned costs.




For examples of websites that I have designed please visit one of the following sites:
































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