Product photography can be the most single important element of your website.  Professional looking photographs will enhance your website, giving it a more polished look.  As a professional photographer, Joanne can offer two different solutions to your photographic choices:




Option one - Professional Photographic Package


£145 (up to two hours)


Joanne will photograph all of your products for your website using a choices of background options.  These can      be tailored to suit the look and style of your website.  All of the images will be sent to you in web resolution so that they are ready to be uploaded to your website straight away, as well as high resolution for use on marketing material.



Option two - Photographic Tutoring


£25 per hour


If you regularly need to update your website with additional products and would prefer to be able to photograph your own products, Joanne can teach you how to use your camera functions and available light, to photograph your products and show them off to their full potential.  You do not need any expensive equipment, just a digital camera with a manual function, a large window and a suitable backdrop.


One to one tutoring is also an excellent way for those in small business, to learn how to take their own product shots for use on websites and in marketing material.  If you regularly need to update your products and don't want the expense of having a professional photographer to photograph every new product added to your line, then why not learn how to take your own shots?










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